Pitching Targets made in the USA by OutPitch Sports, LLC. Order by Phone: 888-344-5572
Pitching Targets made in the USAby OutPitch Sports, LLC. Order by Phone: 888-344-5572


"The overall effectiveness of the Leather Pitching Target has exceeded my expectations. It is an exceptional product with impressive durability and best of all, it makes our program better. My guys love the quality and sound of your target."


Ken Knutson - Arizona State University Baseball

"My experience with the target has been outstanding. It has created a very practical way for all of my pitching students to learn and improve their fastball control. They love the competitive aspects of it also, and it levels the competitive playing field between those that throw hard and those that don’t. I think it is a fantastic teaching tool, and would highly recommend it to any aspiring pitcher."


Bill Krueger - Fox Sports Northwest baseball analyst and former MLB pitcher

"We recently started using the Leather Pitching Target and our pitchers are having a lot of fun with it. In our program, we put a lot of emphasis on location and the Leather Pitching Target allows our pitchers to work on command every day. Often times between classes, when catcher's are unavailable, they can get some good work in. I like the fact that they can get a lot of extra work in on their own. They repeat their deliveries and work on a consistent release point. I see this product as a valuable tool for improving pitching."


Dave Jorn - Pitching Coach, University of Arkansas

"I love it! The Leather Pitching Target has been a great tool for our High School program and our indoor training facility. I have used it with players ranging from 7 years old to adult baseball league. I use it for a lot of reasons such as its durability, visual feedback, and its easy access and transporting. However, the number one reason is its emphasis on developing fastball command. We constantly preach the importance of location and the ability to move the ball up and down, in and out. The Leather Pitching Target has helped us develop a system where our pitchers can work on command in the zone. Plus, it's fun for our staff to have competitions with the different skill tests. We purchased another one this year so we can maximize our practice efficiency by having two stations going at once."


Tim Kuykendall - Head Baseball Coach, Auburn High School, Auburn WA.

"The Leather Pitching Target stands alone as the highest quality pitching target available. I'm a firm believer in the product and the company that stands behind it."


Rusty Trudeau - Baseball/Softball National Sales Manager, Baden Sports

"Mike, founder of OutPitch Sports and designer of the Leather Pitching Target products, has always had the vision of a product that would integrate the two key components of learning, 1.) the ability to calibrate performance and 2.) the ability to get immediate & accurate feedback. Success can happen by accident but achievement is purely by design and that is quite evident with his Leather Pitching Target. After several years of research, Mike has come up with the best ‘Self-Directed Training’ product that I have ever seen. I have spent my entire life devoted to understanding and creating high performance skills. I applaud Mike Swanson’s manifestation of a long time vision. He has definitely earned the recognition of an Achievement By Design champion. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, take advantage of all that the Leather Pitching Target has to offer."


Ted Buffington - Performance Enhancement Researcher and Consultant

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