Pitching Targets made in the USA by OutPitch Sports, LLC. Order by Phone: 888-344-5572
Pitching Targets made in the USAby OutPitch Sports, LLC. Order by Phone: 888-344-5572

Finally, a pitching target good enough for professional pitchers!  The Leather Pitching Target, made from premium baseball glove leather, is a highly effective pitcher's training aid designed to dramatically improve fastball command!  and...Lack of fastball command is the number one reason pitchers fail.


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Leather Pitching Target: The highest quality, most durable pitching pad on the market

Innovative features include an authentic catcher's mitt "pop" impact sound and precision ball-to-target impact location tracking.  Because the target is made from premium baseball glove leather, the ball-to-target impact sounds like you're throwing into a catchers mitt.  Because the target is padded and designed with a grid pattern, it is easy to track the precise ball-to-target impact location of every pitch.  These features provide unique auditory and visual feedback on the quality of every pitch and help a pitcher fine-tune their release point, leading to improved consistency and pin-point control.  Customers include professional pitchers, college and high school coaches and pitchers, private pitching instructors, baseball and softball academies, and serious pitchers of all ages.